3D Animation & Modeling
3D Animation & Modeling

3D Animation & Modeling

3D Animation & Modeling

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Maverick 3D Animation & Modeling

Bringing life to an idea is the new way to reap in profits. This is why 3D animation has gained huge popularity over the years as it converts imagination into reality. Gone are the days when animation only meant entertainment as this gift of technology has gone beyond the cliches and have entered every field is it education, infrastructure, gaming etc.

Graphics and animation can greatly enhance a website’s appearance and overall effect on its visitors. We have a large variety of software here at Maverick Technology, which allows us to create a boundless supply of graphics, animations and models for your website.

We understand your needs and create exactly what you have imagined. Our forte lies in creating the perfect combination of textures, extensive modeling and convincing lighting effects. With latest technological advancements, our team delivers animation that leaves you spellbound.

We have mastered the art of bringing life to an idea which otherwise is difficult to explain on board or in words. We can make anything and everything from industrial 3D products to architectural and character animation. Moreover, we believe in keeping in sync with latest technologies and meeting project deadlines.

Our diverse portfolio is a testament to the skill of our team. The members of our team are not just artists; they are specialized individuals with extensive experience in areas of both 2D and 3D website design. Color, visibility, tone and balance are all carefully considered throughout the designing process. We also emphasize the business angle of everything we create, so that you are well aware of the marketing possibilities contained within your website.

Our 3D Solutions Include

  • Character animation
  • Visual effect
  • Commercials
  • Architectural work
  • 2D & 3D animation
  • Logo animation
  • Illustration

Why Maverick Technology?

  1. We are a set of quality-conscious individuals who believe in extending high quality services.
  2. We have thorough experience in 3D animation and graphics.
  3. We have huge pool of resources to undertake variety of projects.
  4. We specialize in on-time project completion.
  5. We go hand-in-hand with latest technologies and incorporate it in our projects to create innovative and unique animation solutions.
  6. We provide close to reality animation solutions.
  7. We believe in exhaustive client-centric philosophy.