Ask Expert Script
Ask Expert Script

Ask Expert Script

Ask Expert Script Package

Ask Expert PHP script is a new yet powerful portal allows you to launch a site. As the industry continues to evolve and progress, price and complexity have edged some organizations out of the competitive landscape to overcome. This script facilitates registered users to post questions, chat with experts and get required advice. The visitors can also create forums, blogs, and polls of their business interest with the prior permission from administrator panel.


User Register
  • User Register with Name, Email, Password, Re-Type Password, Images and Verification Code.
  • Check Email Id Availability in java script concept


User Login


  • Registered User Login with Email, Password.
  • Set Remainder Concept For Save in Cookie.
  • Only Valid User to allow login to site otherwise redirect to forgot Login / Register Page.

Request Password


  • Registered User Forgot Login Details use this.
  • Enter Register Email Address.
  • Send Login Details If found that email in register details otherwise redirect to register page.


Q&A Answers


  • User can see here Questions and Answers.


Browse questions


  • User can browse questions here related to his question and also other types of questions. And also post the question for need help for answers to the questions.


Browse reference


  • User can see here reference to the question and also can get more reference and help for the particular question.


Advanced search

  • User can search with more facility in easy way to any type of questions.
  • Here user can contribute in help for more facility to the questions and answers.

Answered Questions


  • User can see here answer to all questions with full details of the question with more options.

Unanswered questions


  • User can also see here only question without answer and also can send more question for supporting to the others in the question side.

Most-recent questions


  • User can see more popular and most-recent questions for helping to the users.

Reference library


  • In this module user can see the reference as depend upon question as category wise. User can see the reference library as a categories wise like:

–        Animal life

–       Business and Finance

–       Entertainment and Arts

–       Food and Cooking

–       Health

–       History, Politics and Society

–       Home and Garden

–       Law and Legal Issues

–       Literature and Language

–       Miscellaneous

–       Religion and Spirituality

–       Shopping

–       Science

–       Sports

–       Technology

–       Travel



User can search answer for related question with more answer.

Ask Expert


Here user can ask answer of any type of question in the expert module. And user can also search as categories wise like:

– Search for answers

– SAsk a question

– SSearch for members

And also give the full details after login page for


– Total question asked

– Question asked today (public question)

– Question asked today (private question)

– Question answered

– Question answered today

My Profile


User can see own profile and also can update his own profile itself.


ADMIN (Backend)

Login & signup

  • Home
  • Change password

User Details

  • Able to view, delete, activate or deactivate users.
  • Able to view full details of the users.


Manage Category

  • Ability to Add/view/Edit/delete categories.




  • Able to view / edit / delete the questions posted by users.
  • And also have option to send email to user.
  • Able to view answers for particular question also.


IP status


  • Able to view IP details with user name, date and user status.
  • Able to activate and deactivate users here.
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