Black Berry Applications Development
Black Berry Applications Development

Black Berry Applications Development

The Blackberry OS was created by RIM (Research in Motion), for Smart phone Blackberry. Current version of the Blackberry OS contains rich multimedia and graphic features. It allows synchronization with Exchange’s contacts, e-mail, tasks etc. Blackberry Developments talk presents the updates, latest news and information for blackberry developers and users. Blackberry Applications Development is a highly technical work and this helps us to get out of our geeky self and speak to the world. Blackberry Application Development is booming due to its flexibility of customized application development for range of industry and business needs. it is one of the leaders in smart phone industry.

Blackberry uses an operating system devised by the research in motion using C++ that offers support to Java and WAP. Various versions of this software run different models of Blackberry handsets. Even though the source code is closed. Blackberry has proved to be a boon for several companies as they can use voice email and document services to remain connected to their employees on the move. The blackberry application development solution is used in many organizations to access personal information and mobile emails.

Blackberry Application Development Services

Our Blackberry Developers have extensive expertise (Both Middle and CLDC application), developing mobile business solutions. So, Maverick Technology can be the right choice for your Blackberry Applications Solution. Our team always focuses on technical excellence that delivers business value. We can even create third party Blackberry applications for the radical tool. Our BlackBerry developers will help you with both, whether your goal is to build a custom blackberry mobile application development from scratch or to port a new or existing program to the BlackBerry platform.

Building custom applications for Blackberry handsets includes:

  • Wireless Entertainment
  • Internet based Solutions
  • Advertisement Applications
  • Client/Server Application
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Internet based Solutions
  • Mobile, PDA, Embedded and Wireless technologies

If you have any other requirement in developing blackberry applications, we are here to listen, understand and provide you effective solutions. So, feel free to contact us.