Custom Business Card Script
Custom Business Card Script

Custom Business Card Script


  • User Register with Login Id (Email), Password and Personal Information.
  • Check Username availability in Ajax module.
  • After Register send email verification link to email account.
  • User Active account by using send mail link.




  • Registered Member Login with Email and Password.
  • Login details are correct user can allow welcoming page.
  • If Login Information Incorrect, User Redirect to Forgot Password / Register Link.

Forgot Password


  • Enter email address send login information to Registered Mail Account.
  • If entered email not correct error display also link for register.




  • After Login user redirect to My Home Page
  • This page display Profile Information.
  • Link for Update Information.
  • Link for View Order List.
  • Link for Update Login Information.
  • Link for Update Contact Information.
Update Personal Information
  • Change Personal Information.
Update Login Information
  • Change Password.
  • Enter Old Password, New Password and Confirm Password.
  • All are valid only all to change.
  • After change send mail to User mail id.

Update Contact Information


  • Change Billing address and contact numbers.
  • Change Shipping address and contact numbers.

Secure Upload


  • Users upload photos.
  • Users upload Signature Image.
  • Every Upload use watermark in uploaded photo.

Order Information


  • View User Order Information.
  • User Can View Order Details and Order Status.

Custom Card


  • User Design Card by Using Flash Tool.
  • After completion save that design.
  • Also send mail to admin and customer.

Checkout Process


  • After complete design user should pay amount.
  • User Pay amount by using Online Payment Process.
  • PayPal.

Order Confirm

  • After complete payment process.
  • Verify payment process.



ADMIN (Backend)

Login & signup


  • Home
  • Change password
  • Mail activation

View orders

  • Able to view, delete, activate or deactivate orders.
  • Able to view full details of the ordered products.

Manage Users

  • Active/Deactivate
  • View profile
  • Delete
  • Search user by user name, user id, location, city, zip code, phone, etc.


Admin Login


  • Able to manage admin users.
  • Able to change admin login username / password.

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