Email Portal Script
Email Portal Script

Email Portal Script

Multi User Email Script to start your own Email Website like GMAIL, YAHOO Mail, Hot Mail made in CGI/PERL, tested over Linux Servers. Features of Multi User Email Script, Advanced Spam Filtering, RBL Blacklisting, Completely MIME compatible, Contact List Members Filter Proof, Multiple Skins, Limit Users Outgoing Mail (Depending on User Level) Sort Inbox With Several Criteria, Fully customizable via HTML templates, Mod_Perl Compatible, New Mail Sounds, WYSIWYG Mail Interface, Multiple Tiered Premium Accounts, Premium Accounts using Paypal & Subscriptions, SMTP or Send mail, Fully functional calendar and scheduler, Unlimited User Folders, Folder Filtering (Incoming mail directed to specific folders), Email notifications of new mail, MySQL backend, Backup, Powerful Admin Panel, Ban IP, Advanced User Editing, Account Suspensions, User Address Book, Talk and many more features.


General User-End Features:

  • Unread email statistics.
  • Ability to hide all emails.
  • Ability to delete/mass delete emails.
  • 1-Click email activation: With just a click of a mouse button, your users can easily create their email account
  • Integrate easily into your existing website

Disposable Email Features

  • Users are able to receive incoming emails (supports both HTML and Text formats)
  • Ability to renew email address before it is disposed
  • User can create unlimited folders.
  • Inbox get refreshed in certain time period.
  • User can set page size under settings menu.
  • Able to add signature and picture.
  • And also able to enable / disable keyboard shortcuts.
  • User can create filter and label for particular email address
  • Email deleted from inbox goes to trash. And deleting mails from trash will completely deleted from user account.
  • Have option to change the selected message status of mark as read, mark as unread and option to create new folder, etc.

ADMIN (Backend)

  • Login
  • Administrator logs in with username and password
  • Change admin password
  • Ability to set POP3 settings
  • Ability to edit system settings including: email messages size limit, email space quota limit, time interval for auto-email checking/connection to POP3 server.

Banner Manager

  • Domain targeting: Allow Google ads to be targeted to the website content at the domain of the sender’s email.
  • Ability to insert ad sense client ID and channel code

User Details

  • Able to view user details individually.
  • edit/delete members, view member statistics
  • able to search user by user name.
  • Manage Logo
  • Admin Can Change Logo From Admin Panel
  • Admin Also Upload New Logo For Website.

Manage Site Information

  • Admin can Change Website Name
  • Admin can Website Path
  • Admin can Manage Email Address

Manage Advertisement

  • Admin can Change Website Name
  • Admin can Website Path
  • Admin can Manage Email Address


  • Queries or comments are posted by user.
  • Manage the admin enquiries.
  • Reply queries or comments to the user.
  • Delete enquiries.