Extention Development
Extention Development

Extention Development

Extension Development

  • WordPress

WordPress extension also generally known with different names like wordpress plug-in or wordpress add-on or wordpress widget is the creation that can boost the interface and the usability of your word press blog / website. You can integrate the unit which is made by the small piece of coding to your website / blogs with a few mouse clicks. This wordpress plugins development is accomplished to improve the external overview of your blog / website. At current, there are lot of wordpress-extensions existing that enhances the usability of your wordpress website / blog and which improve the features into your website / blog. In short, a wordpress plug-in enhances the usability of your website / blog, it also improves and simplifies the external interface of your blog and it will do everything that you want it to do!

Advantages of wordpress add-on development at Maverick Technology

  • Simple-to-Integrate
  • Reasonable rate with high performance
  • High speed with quality standards
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Secured and Safe
  • Constant updated version
  • Attractive GUI

All this is enough to express our expertise in wordpress extension development.


  • Drupal

Modules are extensions to Drupal sites which can facilitate extra functionality. Few things presently can’t be done through configuration it must be done in module only. If you require a module to enhance your website in module development, only the Maverick Technology drupal developers/ drupal programmers are the best in implementing the modules to fulfill your needs. Our Drupal Modules Development team are able to use our site-architecture skills to leverage accessible community modules for much of the functionality to give you an immense solution at a reduced cost. We develop a Customized module using drupal standard coding.


  • Joomla

A joomla custom module is a user participated component. You make these modules manually in the Joomla administrator and stored in your database. Characteristics of the custom modules are normally the universal Joomla module options as well as a large white box in which you put your data as input.

Custom module development of joomla websites can assist you setup your effective store in a reasonable manner. We develop custom joomla design for your online CMS which is exclusive on the web. We also consist of front designing in your online CMS through joomla expert.


  • Magento

Magento is one of the best ever developing e-commerce solutions platforms. It is an out of box solution providing cart and it attain at next level when loaded with adapted extensions. Maverick Technology will always packed the newest extensions equipments absolutely develop for you to fight the contemporary competitions in your market.

Magento Extension Development featured as follows:

  • Magento extension for currency charge change
  • Magento extension for multicolumn explode set of choices
  • Magento extension for advance proof email Templates
  • Magento extension for Blogs integrations
  • Magento extension for check out news letter and product modernize information
  • Magento extension for PAP
  • Magento extension for jqueryZoom widget
  • Magento extension for Flash widgets

Let’s have an look some of the Magento extensions developments

  • Magento extension for currency rate change: There are a few finance connected stores which are necessitates updating with the fluctuations in the currency changes in the market. Manual updating on multiple currencies are approximately impracticable task so our experts have developed a module to do this repeatedly with our currency updating extensions. Once the extension in currency is updated the count is configured, Magento repeatedly updates the currencies as per the plan locate by the admin panel. These dissimilar currencies will applicable in different stores as per the admin configuration. These currencies will routinely update the products prices in front stores and saves your valuable time and other hassles related to the latest prices.
  • Magento extension for multicolumn exploded Set of Choices: Magento store might be with a few categories menu and now you want it with it so many categories menu. At Maverick Technology you will get an extension for this exploded menu. A multi-column dropdown menu is a great way to systematize an ecommerce site with a lot of categories and sub-categories.
  • Magento extension for upgrade proof email Templates: Many times you will face difficulty with your customized email template particularly when you are going to get update for your store so at Maverick Technology have developed extension for your email customization that over ride any modernize templates and let you flow with same customized template.
  • Magento extension for Blog integrations: A blog is a great way for an online store to connect with client, and extensions develop for blog at Maverick Technology, makes it easy for you to incorporate a blog into your shopping cart.
  • Magento extension for check out news letter and product update information: Now a day manage a client on its mail is intimidating task for a mail dispatching department; as spamming becomes a big bother in email market so our extension for “check out box” for news latter and opens your behavior to future correspondence with your clients. However, a standard newsletter is a enormous way of significant your customers about your latest sales, newest products, and special offers. Inspect Newsletter is a super easy extension for Magento which allows you to add a ‘Sign Up for Newsletter’ checkbox onto your Checkout Page.
  • Magento extension for PAP: PAP expansion for Magento automatically handles click and deal affiliate tracking, tracks associate sales using PHP API, accepts referrals to any page of your online store.
  • Magento extension for jqueryZoom widget: This widget will permit your clients to float over images of your products and show them in zoom analysis without having to use controls. This extension developed by Maverick Technology provides users with an image gallery to assist show their products in an striking and interesting way.
  • Magento extension for Flash widgets: This Magento Extension that enables you to hand out interactive flash widgets containing your products wherever and whenever you require them on your Magento store.


  • Zencart

Maverick Technology can offer abundance of Modules especially for customized e-commerce solutions using the open-source script Zen Cart. Our developers have marvelous capacity to customized Modules as per client’s requirements. For illustration multiples payment modules, SEO contributions, Customization in Shipping Methods, Custom Module for several Images upload, component for multiple Language selection, different views for your product listing table and many more.

Custom Module Development of Zen Cart Websites can assist you setup your effective store in a reasonable manner. We expand Custom zencart design for your online store which is unique on the web. We embrace front designing your online store, allowing customers to select the product and add the selected product to shopping cart, shopping cart combination with product catalog, secure check out and total amount calculation, etc.

Maverick Technology we have lots of models which assist you. Some are as follows:

  • Zen Cart Payment Modules
  • Zen Cart Module Integration
  • Zen Cart Module Development
  • Zen Cart administration
  • Zen Cart trappings
  • Zen Cart SEO Modules
  • Zen Cart Data Feeds
  • Zencart Services


  • OS Commerce

Maverick Technology have expert Developers who can assist in developing adapted e-commerce solutions using the open-source script osCommerce. There are lots of Modules accessible for oscommerce shop. Our developers are immense mastery in custom Modules as client’s requirement like multiples payment modules, SEO contributions, Customization in Shipping Methods, Custom Module for numerous Images upload, Module for multiple Language selection, dissimilar views for your product listing table and many more.

Maverick Technology OsCommerce Module Developers specialized in following Era:

  • Custom Module development
  • OsCommerceAddons
  • OSCommerce Data Feeds
  • OsCommerece Free Modules
  • OsCommerce payment Modules
  • OsCommerce SEO Modules
  • OsCommerce Services
  • OsCommerce Management

Custom Module Development of OsCommerce Websites can assist your effective store in a reasonable manner. Maverick Technology develop Custom OsCommerce Design for your online store which is exclusive on the web. We includes front designing your online store, allowing customers to decide the product, add the preferred product to shopping cart, shopping cart integration with product catalog, secure check out and total amount calculation.