Freelancer Script
Freelancer Script

Freelancer Script


General User-End Features:
  • Projects are categorized into skill categories for convenient browsing.
  • Front page display for project skill categories, front page featured projects and latest projects
  • Skill category ordering can be configured by admin or be set to alphabetic
  • Support for featured / Paid project listings
  • Contact us form for getting feedback from visitors
  • Tell a friend system
  • Email verification (Can be switched On / Off from admin panel)
  • Password retrieval system
  • Support for running Google ad words.

Special Features for Freelancers / Service providers:

  • Advanced Search based on keywords and skills
  • Flexible keyword matching for search
  • Latest / featured projects section
  • Manage bids on projects
  • Place bid, Retract bid, Accept / Reject projects upon selection
  • View financial transactions
  • Maintenance of online account for financial transactions
  • Add funds to account
  • Option to withdraw funds by PayPal
  • Set project alerts to be sent in email


  • Discuss projects on project discussion board
  • Send private messages to Webmasters / Service providers
Special Features for Service Seekers / Webmasters:
  • Post multiple projects
  • Notification for actions regarding projects
  • Rate and write review for service Providers / Freelancers
  • Maintain online account of all financial transactions
  • Close project bidding and select service provider to work on the project
  • Manage open, closed and under work projects


ADMIN (Backend)


  • Administrator logs in with username and password.
  • Change admin password.

Banner Manager

  • Number of Approved / Unapproved projects
  • Admin overall control to a member
  • Admin create a member in programmer or buyer
  • Projects posted today / yesterday / last 7 days etc.
  • Pending withdrawal / make featured requests notification on admin home page
  • Switch ON-OFF email verification process
  • View all billing transactions
  • Extensive member management console
  • View / Edit / Delete Members
  • Search members
  • Extensive project management console
  • Search / Edit / Remove / Approve projects
  • Extensive bids management console
  • Search / Edit / Delete / Approve bids
  • Email members individually or collectively
  • Visitor feedback section
  • Sponsored ad management
  • Support for running Google ad words
  • Admin can Manage Email Address
  • Admin can Manage Google Advertise Script
  • Admin can Manage Advertise Images

Manage Bids

  • Admin can able to search bid by key word.
  • Able to edit/delete members, view bids.

Buyer / coder rate


  • Able to search buyer / coder by using scores.
  • Able to edit/delete members, view buyer / coder



Manage Members


  • Able to search all member / blocked / unblocked / buyer / coder with country and keyword.
  • Able to edit/delete members, view members.




  • Able to view / search result by date.
  • Able to view individual transaction
  • Able to view amount deposit by buyer / user.
  • Able to view amount posted by buyer / user.
  • Option to view escrow payments and also option to export overall reports.


General settings


  • Option to view / modify admin and PayPal email address.

Google ads / SEO ad words


  • Admin can edit / view / delete Google ad word for header / footer / right / home and vertical page ads.
  • Admin can add / edit / delete website keyword, description and title.

        Our SEO Version

·          Creating SEO Friendly URLs

·          Optimizing all coding

·          Optimizing your web pages using better HTML and JavaScript

·          ALL PAGES dynamic Unique Meta Keywords & Description

·          H1 Breadcrumbs ‘ tag optimize according to keyword strength

·          Keyword String Removal

·          Building keyword-rich URLs using PHP, Apache, and mod_rewrite

·          Using the HTTP headers to properly indicate the status of web documents

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