Fresher’s Jobs Portal
Fresher’s Jobs Portal

Fresher’s Jobs Portal

Job Seeker:

Registration process:

This is the mandatory process for the users to create a separate login for their account that includes the following feature:

  • Unique email (username) assignment to avoid conflicts with others
  • Registration confirmation for users.

Forgot password:

This module helps the user to recover their lost password, so that they should be able to login quickly

  • Password will be sent automatically to their email

User Login:

  • Users can be able to login by using their unique email and their password
  • Logout process

Home Page Feature

  • Home town search – user search the job in his / her home town.
  • Search agent – user can create the agent and search job by any one search agent.
  • User can block and unblock the companies which one company he / she want to block or unblock Set profile visibility of his / her profile.
  • User can set their resume either active or inactive.
  • Cover letter creation.
  • Change password – user change new password into new password.
  • User can preview, edit, delete and print their resume.
  • User can update the profile.
  • Applied job history will be displayed in Job Application history.

Search job Module:

Quick Job Search:

  • Enter any keyword like Job role / Location or Skills or Country to search jobs

Advance Job Search:

  • Enter keyword or experience or location or functional area to search jobs.

Job Search By Company:

  • Enter Company name and Location to search jobs.

Job Search By Industry:

  • Choose any one industry to search jobs.

Cover Letter Module:

  • Create new cover letters
  • Create new cover letters by giving the cover letter name,
  • User can attach their resumes.
  • Save cover letter
  • Preview cover letter
  • Edit /Delete cover letter

Saved Job:

  • User can save the jobs when they are searching the jobs in the site.
  • User can apply the jobs from the saved job list.

Resume Builder:

  • Enter key information
  • upload or paste resume
  • Enter supplemental information
  • Free resume posting


  • This is Forum Modules For Website
  • Member Can Discussion Topic with Other Members
  • Forum Module Concept – Form Home, My Forum, Create Forum Topic
  • User Can View My Posted Topics Here, Also Link For Topic Discussion Create Forum Topics Member Can Post New Topic Here
  • This Forum Create Concept has Following Fields – Forum Topic, Forum Category, Forum Sub Category and Forum Details

Placement Paper:

  • Various companies Interview question will be provided in the placement paper module

Today’s Walk-in:

  • Job seekers can found out the Walk-in of the reputed companies in today’s walk-in module


Job Recruiter:

Registration Module

  • User enters their account information, company details, and primary contact details.
  • User can easily select the job mail alert and news letter alert during the registration itself.
  • Activation emails send it to the user after registration

Login Module :

  • User easily login with their username and password.
  • User receive mail for forget password




  • View the profile details submitted by the user at the time of registration.
  • User can update the company details , logo, contact person name , contact person designation , company profile ,contact details etc.
  • The recent jobs posted by the user can be viewed
  • The recent login time and duration of login is viewable here.
  • Password of job recruiter is changeable in change password.


Find Candidate:

  • Find the job seekers who have applied for the jobs posted.
  • View their resumes and cover letters.
  • Recruiter can send email to the job seekers.
  • Recruiters create the common mail message before sending the email.
  • Recruiter can download the job seekers resume that are all apply for the job.
  • Members have to subscribe for the pack to access this feature otherwise shows the buy package link

Resume access:

  • Recruiters can search for the application/resume of the user.
  • If the employer or recruiter was not order any package it shows the buy package link.
  • Here we can search for all jobseekers who have posted their resumes in our site.


Post job:

  • For posting the job the employer should order the package.
  • If the user was not buying the pack they can’t post any single job.
  • Post the job for recruitment.

Posted jobs:

  • Posted jobs are listed.
  • The employer can edit the jobs.
  • Delete jobs.
  • View job

Transaction details:

  • Details about the transaction are view in the page.
  • Details about package details, which one the employer using.



·         Administrator logs in with username and password.

Functional Area:

·         Add functional

·         Edit functional area

·         Remove functional area

Industry Type:

·         Add industry type

·         Edit industry type

·         Remove industry type

Home Page Ads:

·         Add home page ads.

·         Edit ads

·         Remove ads

·         Maintain active and inactive ads

Enquires :

·         Queries or comments are posted by user.

·         Manage the admin enquiries

·         Reply queries or comments to the user.

·         Delete enquiries.


·         Edit About Us , privacy information , tell to a friend and Terms & conditions

Price settings:

·         Database access price , Job Postings and Featured Employer .

·         Add / edit /delete product

·         These updates are viewed in the payment package details in User view section.


·         Add  category

·         Delete category

·         View Forum

Placement Paper:

·         Add Company

·         Add placement paper

·         Edit/delete placement paper

·         Add/delete/Edit category

·         View the placement papers list


·         Send the news letter about the jobs site to the job seekers.

·         Send the news letter about the jobs site to the recruiters.

Manage seekers:

·         Maintains the user address information.

·         Maintains the user profile information.

·         Delete the user profile.

·         Make the user profile as an active or inactive profile.

·         Based on that status when the recruiter search the resumes,

·         If the profile status was active recruiter can view their user profile otherwise they can’t view their profile information.

·         When the admin is going to make the profile status either active or inactive admin have to enter the reason for change the profile status.

·         Reason will send it to the user.


Manage Logo:

·         Admin Can Change Logo From Admin Panel

·         Admin Also Upload New Logo For Website

Manage Site Information:

·         Admin can Change Website Name

·         Admin can Website Path and can manage email address.