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Game Development

Game Development

Good Honest Game Development Since 2010

What do we do?

We are always striving to find new ideas for our existing and new games. We currently developing for iPhone, iPad, Android, Black berry, Windows mobile, Web and desktop platform. Our games are 2D & 3D games, but we try our best to bring the best visual and gaming experience to the users.

Maverick Technology is less than one year old. However, we have received very good feedback at this very early stage of our work.

Cute Graphics

What makes our games genuine is our effort to use the right tools to place the right things in the right place. We use our best skills in CG and design to bring neat graphics to our games.

Nice Playability

Each of our games comes with an innovative idea, which is developed by looking closely to the existing games and what gamers like to play.


Our games are as good and well-displayed on tablets as they are on phones. The same application you purchase for your phone can be used on your tablet with satisfactory graphics, without the need to buy an HD version.

Customer Support

In case of a problem with our games or questions regarding game-play, we are always there for our customers. Your queries will be responded before 24 hours, and in the case of any suggestion or bug report, the investigation to improve the game will begin immediately.