Inventory Management Software
Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software

The Inventory Management Software is demand of every inventory based retail or wholesale business.

The installable product is handy for specialty stores, retailers, importers, wholesalers and variety of businesses.

The power of the application lies in easy deployment and smooth working.

Our Inventory Management System(IMS) can also be used as Barcode Software and it caters all sort of business transactions being carried out.

(IMS)  is very efficient software for medium and small organizations.

it can also be used as Retail Management System or Stock Management Software.

Features of our Inventory Software

  • Setup module provides definition screen for lookup entries.
  • Bar code enabled data entry and transactions.
  • Generated transactions: Sales, Purchases and returns.
  • Record payments, receipts, expenses, cash and bank transactions.
  • Multiple security levels manageable to grant restricted access to multiple users.
  • Reorder level reporting helps monitor optimum stock levels.
  • Stock adjustment and cash adjustment facility.
  • Extensive set of reporting to cover maximum transactional scope.
  • One click database backup utility 


(IMS)  is suitable for all sorts of retailers, wholesalers, specialty stores, importers and general order suppliers.

Our existing clients include book stores, fashion garments stores, electronics stores, machinery importers and confectionary importers.

Benefits of our Inventory Software

  • Mange your product stocks as well as financials
  • Track every transaction
  • Manage office expenses and analyse through reporting
  • Financial reporting provides complete information on receivables and payables
  • Know complete stock information with values
  • Know your company’s overall worth with customized reports