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Main Categories of CMS

The six main categories of CMS which is categorized according to the type of application they perform are as follows:-

  • ECMS – Enterprise CMS:
    This kind of CMS is used to manage the content of the organizational processes of the companies, enterprises or corporations.
  • WCMS – Web CMS:
    CMS is software for creating and managing web content HTML. It implements automatic templates with a WYSISYG format for editing and creating web pages. It thus helps in simplifying publication of web content for companies.
  • Electronic Document CMS [e-document CMS]:
    It manages the electronic documents which can be easily facilitated with e-mail notification and automated routing.
  • MCMS – Mobile CMS:
    It is a software program which basically customized to create and manage mobile web pages. There is no need of programming skills for uploading, editing and approving content for mobile sites with the help of this software.
  • Component CMS:
    It mainly involves management of components at the component level rather than whole documents or web pages. Mostly it acts as a sub function of all other CMS though it can also work as a separate application.
  • Media CMS:
    This CMS is mainly designed for media like television, radio, etc.
    These CMS are used as Management tools at the enterprise, web, mobile, media, electronic content and component levels.

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