MLM Script
MLM Script

MLM Script

MLM Script


Project Platform:




Project Work Modules:

Design Work:

  •  Template Design
  • Inner Page Design
  • Template HTML Conversion Work

Development Work:

 Static Page Development Process

  • Member Join Process
  • Member Login Process
  • Member Forgot Login Process
  • Member Profile Update Modules
  • Member Password Change Modules
  • Member View Commission Information
  • Member View Graphical Information
  • Member URL Modules
  • News / Events Modules
  • Image Gallery Modules
  • Video Gallery Modules
  • FAQ Modules
  • Feedback Modules
  • Admin Panel

Development Modules:             

  •  Static Page Development
  • Site Static Design
  • Place Static page content
  • About Us
  • Business Details
  • Terms and Condition                                                                                                          

Member Join Process

  • New Member Need Coupon For Join to Products
  • User can Select Product From Available List
  • New Member Join with Personal Details, Contact Details and Business Details
  • Member can Choose Join Position – LEFT or RIGHT
  • After Complete Register Process Need Coupon Verification
  • Coupon Details From Admin – Payment Coupon Id

Member Login Process

  • User login with site using username and password
  • If login details are incorrect user can use Forgot Login

Member Forget Login Process

  • User can find out their password details through the forget password.
  • User enter their email to find out the password
  • Password details are sent it to the respective user.

Member Profile Modules

  • Member Can View Profile Information
  • Member Can View Commission Information
  • Member Can View Buddy List

Member Profile Update Modules

  • User edit their profile through edit profile link
  • Member can Update Profile Information
  • Member can Update Contact Information

Member Password Change Modules

  • Member can Update Login Password Information
  • Member can Update Login Details Information


News / Events Modules

Image Gallery Modules

Video Gallery Modules

Member View Graphical Design Modules

Member can view buddy with graphical modules

Member can Join with Right and Left Sides

Member View Commission Details Modules

Member can view commission details

Member can View All Commission , Last Week and Today

Also can View Expire Date


Admin section: 

  • User management
  • Maintain user list
  • Delete User
  • Update the user status
  • View membership details of users
    • Membership package details
  • Maintain the membership package details
  • Add new membership package
  • Edit existing package
  • Delete existing package
    • Search users
    • Search users by membership
    • Search users by joined date
    • Search users by name
    • Extend membership for users.
    • News Modules
    • Galley Modules
    • Change admin login

Admin can change username and password