Network Community Script
Network Community Script

Network Community Script

Network Community site script has an attractive front-end and with administrative features are packed in the script.

Registered members are able to create personal profile pages, add widgets to their pages and also personalize their pages by adding themes, photos and slides. Our instant messenger feature allows members to communicate in real time with a variety of live chat rooms. Members can chat in a community area or in a group environment that is private only to the group members. They can also upload and share photos which can be ranked by other members of the site. Videos from other sites can be linked and shared on the site by declaring as private or public to the group.

The site has different levels of security and privacy. For instance, members can create content on the site that is visible only to them, specific individuals, specific groups or to the entire site. We also provide dynamic search capabilities where members can search member profile information as well as keyword search for the various user generated content posted on the site.

Administrative panel is provided with full control over the site and can access member information from the member database.

Special features like mass e-mail, FAQ, forums, calendar and many more can also be added to make your site quite interesting!



Registration Module
  • Register their details with unique email address and password.
  • Security image code during registration to prevent automated signups.
  • Confirm user’s registration via confirmation mail.
  • Forget password system.


Login Module


  • User login with unique email address and password.
  • After login providing email Importer for invite their friends to this site.

Account Settings


  • User can change their user name and password.
  • User can set who can view their profile.



Home Page


  • Ability to edit user’s personal profile and upload profile photo.
  • Display site statistics including total members in the site and number of members who are online.
  • 5 most recently joined members profile will be listed.
  • Members can see who has view their profile.
  • Members can edit and customize their profile layout.


Messages Module


  • Compose new messages just like any ordinary email systems and send them to the member’s network of friends.
  • View inbox, sent items, deleted items, and saved messages.


Search Module


  • Search for new friends and increase the member’s network of friends.
  • Basic search: search by first name, last name, email, degrees,


Groups Module

  • Create a group with group photo.
  • Members can invite other members to join into the group.
  • Members can create a member ignore list.
  • Write testimonial for their friends.
  • Email notification on which will send an email to the member when there is a new action to be taken. (I.e. invitations, new friend request, new testimonial).


View History

  • Members are able to view the history of member’s profiles or groups they have visited.


Group Events

  • Members can create group events.
  • Discussion Board: Enable members to post messages in a group.
  • Manage Group: This feature allows group owner to manage the group type (public or private) and change (edit) other settings.
  • View the most popular and newest groups in the network.
  • Ability to search for groups by keywords.


Blog Module

  • Members can create their own online blog.
  • Blog search function.
  • Ability to edit/delete blog comments.
  • Built-in HTML editor for blog comments.


Events Module

  • Ability to create new public/private events.
  • Members can add events to their calendar.
  • Members can search for an event by keywords, dates created.
  • Event creator can specify the maximum number of guest each member can bring and allow comments by members.
  • Event creator can also have option to allow attendees to print ticket after payment [view screenshot].
  • Members can have the option to view events posted by them and edit/delete details as well as events they are attending.

Calendar Module

  • Members can have their own personal online calendar.
  • Ability to view/add new events.

Album Photo

  • User can create album.
  • User can upload photo for album.
  • Member can manage (edit/delete) the album photos.
  • Can view the visitor details.
  • Member can give rate, comment and download the photos.

Invite Module

  • Members can invite friends to join their network.
  • Support for multiple invitation.
  • Members can view the invitations they have sent to their friends and its status (whether their friends have signed up).



ADMIN (Backend)

User Manager


  • Ability to delete/block members.
  • Admin can send emails to selected members.
  • Show member stats.
  • Admin can add a new user account.
  • Admin can search users by email address, name etc

Blog Manager

  • Ability to view/delete all Blogs and comments.
  • Admin can add/edit/delete categories.
  • Search events by keywords, categories, etc.


Manage Logo

  • Admin Can Change Logo From Admin Panel.
  • Admin Also Upload New Logo For Website

Manage Site Information


  • Admin can Change Website Name.
  • Admin can Website Path.
  • Admin can Manage Email Address.

Manage Site Content

  • Admin can Change Site Content.
  • Admin can Change Contact Information.


Manage Advertisement


  • Admin can Manage Google Advertise Script.
  • Admin can Manage Advertise Images.


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