Photo Sharing Script
Photo Sharing Script

Photo Sharing Script

Photo sharing is an important feature that enables individuals to upload and share photos with their family members, friends and even the general public. The entire system has been built user friendly eradicating knowledge of database management, PHP scripting and other specialized skill sets. Users can organize their photos into photo albums which can be viewed whenever the individuals desire, comment on other individual photos and allow others to comment on their photos to know the popularity.

Photo sharing is a creative tool for creating personalized multimedia scrapbooks, slide shows and photo albums with music, words. This software allows online photo sharing with application services that enables to view caption and share pictures directly from the desktop. It also includes image hosting, private sharing and online printing services.


Members’ features

  • Latest Photos, Slideshows And Comments Displayed In Homepage.
  • Search Members By Username, Email Or Location.
  • Email Verification System for New Members.
  • Password Recovery System.
  • Ability to Edit Profile.
  • Email Notification for Private Messages and Friend Request Received.
  • Allows Members to Set Restrictions for Their Profiles, Photos, Slideshows to Either Private, Friend or Public.
  • Profile Page for All Members that Displays Member Info, Photo/Slideshow Stats, Friends, Their Last Added Photos and Slideshows.

Photos’ features


  • Supports Multiple Image Upload.
  • Ability to Set Privacy Settings for Photos before Uploading – Public, Friends or Private.
  • Display Photos Uploaded by User and Filter by Date.
  • Sort Photos by Creation Date, Comment Date or Alphabetically.
  • Member Can Set a Photo as Buddy Icon.
  • Ability to Zoom in Photo Images.
  • Edit Photo’s Title and Description.

·         Ability to Manual Change Privacy Settings for Each Photo, Delete Photos and Rotate Photos (Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise)

Friends’ features


  • Several Systems to Increase Photo Upload Limits Whenever a Member Refers a Friend.
  • Show Member’s Friends.
  • Display Friend Requests.
  • Profile and Photo Commenting System.
  • Ability to Search, Add, Delete Friends.


Inbox System


  • Compose Message – Send Messages to Friends.
  • Inbox / Outbox Folders.
  • Ability to Blacklist Users.
  • Delete Messages.


ADMIN (Backend)

  • Manage Member Photos.
  • Ability to Activate/Deactivate Members.
  • Sort User Display by Username, Email, Creation Date and Photos.
  • Email Members.
  • Search Members for Username, Email, Account Status and Rank

Manage Site Information

  • Admin can Change Website Name.
  • Admin can Website Path.
  • Admin can Manage Email Address


Manage Advertisement

  • Admin can Manage Google Advertise Script.
  • Admin can Manage Advertise Images.

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