Social Media Integration
Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Don’t Get Mad, Get Social Media Integration

Maverick Technology helps you create an interactive dialogue with your valued customers & clients by offering several leading Social Media Services.

We will create your new social media accounts or modify existing ones, and integrate your website with your social media sites. With an emphasis on branding and consistency of marketing message, our goal is to drive traffic to your website via your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or YouTube sites.

Our state-of-the-art social media web integration services are extremely affordable – usually over 50% less than web design firms for comparable social media services.

Social Media Integration Services:

Designing existing Facebook pages & creating new custom Facebook pages.

Creating new Facebook pages that feature “miniaturized, condensed versions of your website” that link back to your main website – from within your Facebook page.

  • Facebook coupons & promotional marketing campaigns.
  • Set-up and testing of new Twitter accounts.
  • Adding automatically updating Twitter widgets on websites, giving user the ability to make instantaneous live changes to the site remotely from office, home, or cell phone.
  • Linking Twitter & Facebook accounts so user only posts updates to Twitter, which are copied automatically to Facebook, so user easily maintains both accounts with perfect consistency.
  • Set-up and testing of new Google+ accounts.
  • Set-up and testing of new Pinterest accounts.
  • Embed streaming YouTube videos on your website.
  • SEO-tagging of YouTube videos; set-up of your own YouTube Channel.
  • Set-up / modifications of MySpace sites (perfect for musicians, artists, etc.
  • Providing specialized Facebook / Twitter / Google+ training at your location.

What’s the fastest way in today’s world to connect to thousands of people simultaneously?

        • Facebook…
        • Twitter…
        • Google+…
        • Flixster…
        • YouTube…

In short, Social Media!

We will help you make connections with the most popular social media platforms available. We promise to utilize such an appealing method to create your online presence that it will become hard for clients to NOT notice you. The more actively you present yourself over social media, the more chances there are to get noticed.