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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Fast Social Media Marketing and Good For You

Social Media has been taking the World Wide Web by storm for the last fifteen years, beginning with SixDegrees.com’s launch in 1997 and continuing today with popular networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn and more. Using social media for business will enable you to connect on a far more intimate level with your customers and build a strong base of brand loyalty and trust.

Here are just some of the reasons you should be using Social Media Marketing for your business:

  • Build a community

Social media platforms enable you to engage in meaningful, two-way communication with your customers, making your business more friendly, personable and real to them. If you do this right, you’ll end up with a supportive, loyal community in no time that can disseminate information, voice opinions and promote your company.

  • Establish your brand

Social media platforms provide a set of channels for your company to let others know not only what you can do, but why you can do it better than your competitors.

  • Instantaneous customer services

Social media platforms make it easy for customers to voice their concerns and issues with your products and services so you can easily handle them. Not to mention displaying good customer services skills on social media will give your brand a boost.

  • Protect your reputation

People are always going to have opinions about your business, good or bad. Having a social media platform allows users to voice their opinions publicly, but it also allows you to manage the situation if someone says something that can damage your company’s reputation.

  • Help your research and development

It’s easier than ever to get feedback on your products and services with the advent of social networks. With your target audience readily available, all you have to do is post and they will come directly to you to tell you what they think should stay and go. This kind of information is invaluable, and will help your company in the long term.

  • A cost-effective form of advertising

Registering an account on social media platforms is usually free, and while sites like Facebook now offer you the option to pay to promote your posts, it still doesn’t cost anything to actually post them. Marketing firms have been taking advantage of this, and so should you.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

At Maverick Technology, we understand the importance of using social networking websites to increase your web presence and sales. Our team provides the most effective Social Media Marketing in Lahore Pakistan, using social media tools to create awareness and promote your business’s products and services.

We use a variety of methods to assist you with your social media efforts, including:
  • Establishing Personal Relationships With Influences

Having friends in high places is an important part of getting exposure for your business. We connect with people who are have a strong influence within their respective social networking platforms and establish meaningful relationships with them.

  • Social Media Promotion

We let people know about your social media efforts through press releases, videos, emails, and other distribution channels.

  • Management and Coordination

We supervise and collaborate with you, giving you a guiding hand with your social media efforts. We also coordinate with you on other marketing strategies, making sure everything is kept up-to-date as needed.

  • Observation and Reporting

We track the performance of your social media efforts using the latest technology we have to offer, and provide you with detailed reports and analysis.

  • Training

We will provide you with comprehensive training to guide you on how to effectively use and benefit from social media marketing in the long run.

  • Designing Cover Pages

We design exclusive cover pages for Facebook and other social media platforms. Having an attractive cover page is crucial; just like the pages on your website it represents who you are and your business message. Our cover page designs include a logo, tagline and eye-catching layout.