Student Management System
Student Management System

Student Management System

Student Management System script is the new and revolutionary web based student management system. It has four modules each for administrators, Students, Teachers and Parents. Thus giving you a complete student solution.. When you buy this you get all the modules like Front-end portal, attendance, time-tables, schedules, complain box, forum etc. Parents can login into their accounts and vie the progress of their child. Attendance and grades with remarks and feedback makes the parent’s module and takes it to the very best that is needed in today’s world of instant communication.

Admin Login


  Application form (UG & PG)
  General Instructions

  • Department name
  • Number of Subjects
  • Number of Hours

  Academic Year
  Bus Details
  Students Details

  • Search by category
  • Edit a student details
  • Edit all students’ semester and year

  Test details
  Test Reports
  Exam details
   Exam Reports
  Attendance Enter for Students
  View Attendance of the Students
  TC Printout
  Take Backup of Students photos & Current Database
  Search Students

  • Students Search
  • Hostel Students
  • Bus Students
  • Nationality
  • Religion
  • Handicapped
  • Community
  • Date of Birth
  • Blood Group
  • Ex-Service Men
  • Other State
  • Language
  • Scholarship
  • Attendance Condition

  Old Students
  TC Issued Students
   Change Password


Parents Login

  View students Details

  • Students Profile
  • College General Instructions
  • Attendance Details
  • Test Reports
  • Exam Reports

  System Requirements 

  • Linux Hosting
  • PHP(with mail enabled), My SQL.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML
  • DNS zone access to add entry for wildcards
  • Minimum space requirement – 1 GB