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Template Development

Template Development

Template Development

  • WordPress

WordPress is a self hosted blogging tool, built in PHP for publishing blogs. WordPress Content Management System is the simplest demand to erect your personalized blogs using your selection of templates and plug-ins. It enables you to revise the content without even having the knowledge of HTML. WordPress blogs can give you the chance of generating income via Google Adsense and other advertising platforms. It also allows you to publish your posts and endorse your product continuously. Maverick Technology are specialized in WordPress Development who can combine WordPress with your web site and also assist with creative blogs.


We have developed skills to erect up WordPress web sites which are eye-catching and search engine friendly. Furthermore, WordPress also offers plug-ins that can append value to your blog with its features. Maverick Technologyhas designed and integrated a number of exclusive and dazzling visitor friendly wordpress themes into the new and/or existing websites/blogs for its presumed clients assures you to convey a unique, user-friendly, product/service focused theme that represents your business on the lively world! So presently overlook the idea of standing beside with the thousands of headcounts, just stand out of them and the world will be yours.


Maverick Technology can offer installation, development and customization for WordPress plug-ins like:

  • Each and every one in SEO pack
  • Google XML sitemap
  • NextGen Gallery
  • Statpress
  • Akismet
  • Companionable


  • Drupal

Drupal is a complimentary and open source modular structure and content management system (CMS) written in PHP. Drupal, like many contemporary CMS, allows the system administrator to generate and organize content, adapt the presentation, administrative tasks, and handle site visitors and contributors. Maverick Technology Drupal Web Developers has enormous knowledge in creating custom designs for websites using Drupal customization. Our innovative Drupal Developers / Drupal programmers can choose from any number of pre-existing themes, or our creative designers can create a custom Drupal theme that reflects your branding and message necessities.

In accumulation to custom Drupal themes Maverick Technology Drupal Customized Modules can also assist you to determine the best Drupal modules development embrace succeeding your business goals. Maverick Technology Drupal Customized Modules can renovate any design into the exclusive theme design that match to your business or your website, wholly compliant with the most current versions of the Drupal open source content management platform. Our practiced graphic designers work with you to twist your designs and visions into realism with your custom designed Drupal theme.

Maverick Technology Drupal Customization Services involves:

  • Drupal Customization
  • Drupal Customized Modules Development
  • Drupal Customized Themes
  • Drupal Customized Components Development
  • Drupal Design Integration
  • Drupal Installations


Maverick Technology drupal developers have personalized and integrated drupal on many corporate websites and due to its eminence most of the clients desire drupal CMS. We have a team of drupal designers to design drupal themes and complimentary templates. We can develop community web portals, online discussion sites, business websites, intranet applications, private web sites or blogs, e-commerce applications, source directories, social networking sites in drupal.

Maverick Technology offer professional drupal cutomization services personalized specifically to our esteemed client’s needs. Whether it’s an easy brochure site or an attribute-rich web portal, we work with our client to deliver maximum value.


  • Joomla

Joomla is a full-featured, open-source Content Management System (CMS) function. This robust application is packed with all the features desired to create a flourishing web Site. It absolutely allows owners to maintain their online site with least effort and with extremely no outlay or license fees involved.

Maverick Technology have joomla experts in customizing, rising and extending Joomla CMS, can assist your website to achieve an excellent user interactivity and functionality. Joomla is the robust content management system and there are lots of contributions offered for specially customized site. Our joomla developers or joomla programmers are experts to customize Joomla CMS at any level to accomplish the client’s needs.


Maverick Technology Joomla Customization Services involves:

  • Joomla Customization on Design Templates.
  • Joomla Custom Modules enlargement
  • Joomla Content development and Management.
  • Joomla Customization on themes and banners.
  • Joomla Customization on texts and images.
  • Joomla Customization on business scripts such as x-cart.
  • Development of unique design/theme/template and integration on the script.
  • Maintenance effort for Joomla Portals.

Maverick Technology always with you for the enlargement of your business as well as with your amplified needs; which may demands changes for Joomla CMS customization. When Joomla customization requirements for any revisions; can be done simply by our well knowledgeable team even without any undue stress on you. With our broad experience in Joomla customization; we offer extensive assist to you to get everything you want and execute your needs when it comes to Joomla site.


  • Magento

Magento is rich in e-commerce features, self-determining from third party plug-ins, with better flexibility, scalability and with very pleasant back-end interface, but experience of lack of CMS capabilities. Magento customization experts make it possible, more adaptive and valuable for your unique business necessities by its customization accordingly.

Magento Custom Design solutions provided by the Maverick Technology can support to help you in rising and managing your online business. Maverick Technology have all the tools and capacity to create custom scaleable ecommerce websites integrating the flexible Magento platform.

Magento development at Maverick Technology has an extremely wide range of customization and enhancement capabilities. Some of them are featured as below:

  • Website Management Customization
  • Magento Customization for both localization and internationalization
  • Enhanced Shipping Module Customization
  • Payment Customization


Website Management Customization at Maverick Technology

  • B2B and B2C sites owners operate numerous sites or several stores simultaneously. Where experts at Maverick Technology saves them from an intellect boggling tasks of running multiple administrative panels at a time by integrating all admin in one.
  • Market is full of the APIs and those may need to incorporate it for better performances; Here Magento Customization experts at Maverick Technology are ready to do such integration with third party APIs.
  • Changes in Taxation are tedious jobs for customers in many countries, consequently, Magento Customization experts at Maverick Technology brings flexibilities in this tax management.
  • Magento experts at Maverick Technology offer 100% customization in templates too.


Magento Customization for localization and internationalization at Maverick Technology

  • Most of the business enhances their corporate level in international approach and also in localization, in both cases Magento experts at Maverick Technology offer exchange shopping modules for magento customization offers multilingual as well as numerous currencies exchange shopping modules for ease of your clienteles during Magento customization.
  • There are many vendors who wish to gather money on delivery of their goods and a few methods alike. Magento experts at Maverick Technology customized such features for them also by our localized customization.


Enhanced Shipping Module Customization at Maverick Technology

  • Customization at Maverick Technology incorporated for real moment shipping rates for UPS XML (account rates), USPS and DHL.
  • Magento experts at Maverick Technology also offer Shipping to multiple address and on site order tracking facility from customer account.
  • Customization at Maverick Technology extends for shipping charge too. We offer flat rate per order and per item.


Magento experts at Maverick Technology facilitate our customers by giving table cost following conditions:

o             Table charge for weight and destination

o             Table charge for product sub-totals and destination

o             Table charge for numerous count of items and destination Free Shipping


Payment Customization at Maverick Technology

  • Magento Customization at Maverick Technology integrates with various PayPal gateways such as Website Payments Set, Website Payments Pro (Express and Direct), Website Payments Pro UK (Express and Direct), and PayPal PayFlow Pro
  • Magento experts at Maverick Technology do Customization for an assortment of payment methods other than defaults.


Furthermore Maverick Technology Magento Customization experts can offer:

  • One page check-out with admirable security measures.
  • Custom sort management system
  • Custom content management and catalogue management system
  • Customized analysis and reporting.
  • Customized product and catalogue browsing
  • Initiation of the product promotional tools
  • SEO friendly customization
  • Customized for Handheld strategy support.


  • Zencart

ZenCart is an open source online store administrative structure. It is PHP-based, with a MySQL database and HTML components. Providing support for several languages and currencies, it is offered for free beneath the GNU General Public License Mentioned .


Maverick Technology forever with you and with the growth of your business as well as with your increased needs; which may demands changes for Zen Cart CMS customization. When Zen Cart customization desires any revisions; can be done easily by our well experienced team even without any undue stress on you.


With our widespread experience in Zen Cart customization; we offer extensive help to you to get the whole thing you want and accomplish your needs when it comes to Zen Cart site. We can propose you zencart CMS customization that includes an infinite amount of products and categories. Zen Cart CMS can present you the ability to simply edit categories, products, Images, data related to customers and reviews, just to name a only some examples also offers you inclusive back-up and restoration of data in your Zen Cart customization database.


Maverick Technology Zencart Customization Services involves :

  • Zen Cart Custom Template Design
  • Zen Cart Template Development
  • Zen Cart equipment Installation
  • Zen Cart Upgrades
  • Zen Cart Maintenance
  • Zen Cart immigration

Our practice and expertise in customizing, developing and extending Zen Cart (CMS) can assist your website to achieve an outstanding user interactivity and functionality. Feel Free to approach Maverick Technologywho can incorporate and customize your ecommerce application in zencart flawlessly.


  • OS Commerce

Os-Commerce is the robust shopping cart and there are lot’s of assistance available for supplementary special custom site. Our knowledge and proficiency in customizing, developing and extending osCommerce, can assist your web lay up shine with users in usability and functionality. Our developers are truly experts to customize oscommerce shopping cart as any stage as our client need. Maverick Technology is there for your business grows and all your requirement of Oscommerce customization. Oscommerce customization desires, any revisions can be done simply by our well experienced team without any undue stress on you. With our wide-ranging experience in Oscommerce customization assist you get everything you want and require when it comes to Oscommerce site.

Maverick Technology are able to offer you Oscommerce customization that includes an infinite amount of products and categories. Oscommerce can offer you the ability to simply edit categories, products, manufactures, customers and reviews, just to name a few examples also offer you inclusive back-up and restoration of data in your Oscommerce customization database.

Maverick Technology osCommerce customization service includes the following features:

  • Custom osCommerce template
  • OsCommerce design and integration
  • Update each page design as per the client’s necessities.
  • Maintenance of osCommerce
  • Custom module development
  • Unique Page Checkout
  • Hosting OsCommerce
  • OsCommerce contribution

Maverick Technology provides osCommerce customization service to online store owners to make their websites well equipped and exclusive in agreement to their requirements. If you are looking forward to change the seem of your online store, the OsCommerce experts is the best solution to adapt your thoughts into real. Our experts recognize the queries and needs of the store owners extremely to provide them best solutions. We have experts’ team to customize and extend your online shop according to your requirements.

How Maverick Technology osCommerce be customized?

  • Complete custom design of the look and experience to your standards
  • Installation of supplementary modules for shopping features, payment options and shipping options
  • Integration with third party software such as QuickBooks
  • SEO modifications, for better search engine concert
  • Redesign of Products niceties Page to promote purchases and enlarge conversion rates
  • Integration with third party Email Marketing companies
  • Integration with CRM tools
  • Accounting and Invoice
  • Custom Reporting
  • Hire osCommerce developer

Maverick Technology have enormous experience in osCommerce customization, we can make your online store website professional and inspiring in the eye of customers, and put your business in growth of success.