Windows Phone Applications Development Company
Windows Phone Applications Development Company

Windows Phone Applications Development Company

Windows operating system, a product of Microsoft, is increasingly used in mobile phones. The latest version is the “Windows Mobile 6.5” which is available in the market. It doesn’t share the same advantages as iPhone OS. The major flaw in this operating system is that, the user interface is not optimized for touch. However, it has its own share of advantage in supporting both the touch screen and keyboard configurations.

The advantage of using Windows operating system is that it supports numerous applications. This enables the developers to come up with innovative applications. Our research team at Maverick Technology has spent some time coming up with some interesting applications.

Why Maverick Technology?

We provide the best in the industry qualified product. We have customers who have stayed quite long to have seen us grow to what we are today. We are proud to have made a mark of our significance on the map today. We believe in providing simple and efficient solutions keeping in mind the importance of every penny spent by our customers.

We have five different teams: Analysis, Design, Development, Integration, and testing collaborating (apart from the R & D) to give a fine product. Our testing team apart from the development team does a fantastic job of testing the features in the emulator against the requirements. This way we ensure we are delivering what the client has asked for.

The application we have designed using Windows is the Windows Mobile Games. You may wonder what makes this unique. Well guys, this is a free-ware application. Won’t it be fun downloading all the games that you yearned to play? Don’t hesitate hurry up and visit our website www.MaverickTechnolo.com and stay tuned to get more updates.